Foundation: 19th October 2018
Founded by: Cameron the First
Population: 18
Surface area claimed: 53,904m²
Location: Davenport, FL
Head of State: His Majesty King Cameron I
Motto: Liberte pour Ikonia (French: Liberty for Ikonia)
National Anthem: Waltz No. 2
March: La Ceremonie Des Turcs
Official language: English
Official religion: Christianity, Buddhism
Currency: Kyro
Time zone: Ikonian Standard Time (EST +3h 15m)
National animal: Wolf

How does the Kingdom of Ikonia work?
Ikonia has people, land and a government. The citizens are generally friends or family of the King. Its territory is made up of the houses of some of these people.

Due to the fact that it has citizens, territory, a functional government and the capacity to enter diplomatic relations with other states, Ikonia claims to be a sovereign state as defined by the Montevideo Convention of 1933.