The Kingdom of Ikonia informally recognizes all Micronations. However, if a Micronation desires to establish full diplomatic relations with the Kingdom, please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Please be aware that our requirements for formal recognition must be met to receive recognition and diplomacy. There are no exceptions. If a requesting Micronation meets these criteria,
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will contact them and send a Treaty of Recognition and Friendship, signed by the King for the approval of the government of the requesting Micronation.

Steps for Recognition and Diplomacy

Download and read the Diplomatic Recognition Criteria, located at the bottom of the page, to ensure you meet the requirements. Email the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at [email protected]
and provide detailed information about your micronation. Wait for the MOFA to review your request; expect a response within 48 hours, after the review has been decided upon. Most
requests will be approved, unless an issue is discovered.

Download: Diplomatic Recognition Criteria 11-25-18

If you meet the requirments, Mail His Majesty: Ikonian Postal Service